I've written about FitMom Ottawa in the past, but it definitely deserves another mention. And by it I really mean Sue McDonald, she is the passionate energy behind FitMom Ottawa. I first met Sue four years ago for her FitMom2B class in Old Ottawa South. I was a few months pregnant with my first and needed a regular exercise commitment to keep me moving and motivated through the prenatal exhaustion. She had me squatting, lunging and planking right up to my due date.

Sue is a proud mumma of two and a CanFitPro pre/post-natal specialist. Her energy is contagious, even when she's chatting you through her infamous wall sits! Quads be warned! Her classes are an awesome mix of functional exercises, with plenty of emphasis on core. Right up my alley. She is quick to provide you with a modified exercise if something isn't working for you (like your pregnant belly is in the way, you have DRA or your pelvic floor is not quite ready for jumping jacks) or you have a fussy or sleeping baby strapped to you. She keeps an eye on form and offers adjustments when needed. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and pace. THIS is what makes FitMom so fantastic. It's a no-stress, welcoming, safe environment for every body (and baby). I am always happy to refer friends and patients alike to Sue's classes knowing they are will be in safe hands.

But really, the GREATEST reason to love FitMom are the connections with other mummas that come with it. I met friends four years ago in my prenatal class that are still going strong with me once or twice a week at FitMom Women. These are women who have become good friends, and who are there for a good laugh whether you're showing up with dried baby puke down your back (yep) or are barely keeping your head up from the emotional and physical exhaustion that can be motherhood (yep, yep). From FitMom2B to FitMom&Baby to FitWoman (freeeeeeedom!), there's always a familiar face. It's kinda like your very own Cheers, minus the bar. Aaand the drink (although we have been known to grab a pint post-class). And you'll leave strong, not tipsy. Totally like Cheers. Ha.

Seriously though, I can't say enough about FitMom and Sue. Exercise is something that I NEED postpartum, and Sue has made my commitment to myself to get moving a heck of a lot easier. I am stronger, happier and healthier thanks to these classes. Thanks Sue!

FitMom Ottawa has classes around town, indoors and out depending on the season. See you there mumma!