Time to Get (Back to) Real

Confession. My weekly exercise is pitifully minimal these days. Over the last four months, a good week has been two hour long swims. But my measly average is probably closer to one hour of exercise in a week. And that. Is. It.

Not enough for a young lady such as myself. This doesn't even come close to the WHO's recommendation of a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity. And really, that's just to keep the blood flowing. For health benefits, the recommendation is no less then 300 minutes of moderate cardio per week PLUS 2 strength training sessions.

But regardless of recommendations, I know my body needs more. My sanity needs more. The last few months I've been feeling kinda Blah - with a capital b. I think it has been a combination of not eating well enough, shifting hormones as B started nursing less, and the dark winter days, but I know that my lack of exercise has also played a role.

This time last year and into the spring, I was doing a heck of a lot more than I am now.  I was committed to my three swim sessions and a postnatal fitness class once or twice a week.  I even got in a run every now and then. And in the lovelier, warmer weather, I walked daily with B. Everywhere. I'd walk while he napped in the buggy. I'd walk to visit my parents. I'd walk to and from exercise class. I walked and walked. And walked some more.

To be fair to myself, life was a little different back then. B was smaller, more portable, less mobile and could sleep anywhere - like through an entire exercise class. And I wasn't working like I am now. So there are some big changes that I'd say have legitimately conflicted with my exercise regime, but this is not an excuse for the measly two hours (max) that I am getting in these days.

It's time to get real.

I mentioned here that I set goals every year around my birthday (nerdy, I know). Well, that may be happening this week, so I sat down to set my fitness goals on the weekend. Because my schedule will change over the next year, along with the weather and the availability to get outside more, I set my fitness goals for the rest of the winter - from now until the end of March, so two months. At that point, I'll reassess.

Here are my weekly fitness goals for the next two months:

Goal #1: Swim Frequency: 3x I love my swimming sessions, and most mornings that I skip are for totally lame reasons, so no more. I am committing to going to all three. I just have to remind myself of how great I feel for the rest of the day after those swims. And it should get easier and easier to make it to the pool in the morning, since the sun is coming up at a more reasonable hour these days.

Goal#2: Strength training (core and hip focused) Frequency: 2x, 25 minutes each I'll use BodBot for this. Sure I can come up with my own exercises, but it's nice to have "someone" telling you what to do. I've set BodBot to focus on my core and gluteus (aka bum - where did this go postpartum?!), and to give me exercises that don't involve any equipment other then my exercise ball. I should be able to do these in the evenings, nap times or while B plays on his own - which might lead me too find new exercises that you can do with your baby's toys. Grin.

Goal #3: Yoga Frequency: 1x I've done yoga over the years on and off. I go through phases. The last time I did it regularly was when I was pregnant and I was doing it at home following a prenatal DVD. I miss hot, sweaty yoga though. It's time to get back to it. I'm committing to once a week, but I've bought a pass with 20 classes to use as I wish. I'm super excited for this one, which is a great feeling. I don't know why I've waited this long to get back to it. In fact, I couldn't wait any longer and went to a Hot Flow class on the weekend. Loved it. Om yah.

How are you managing to fit in some exercise? Share and lets do this together!