Hi there. Welcome, to Healthy Mumma. A first (ever!) blog post feels like a lot of pressure...even though this will likely be read by fewer people than I have fingers. If you are reading this, it probably means that you are a pretty important person in my life. And this is intended for you. Which explains my performance anxiety. Ramble, ramble, ramble.

I do have a ton of "real" ideas to chit-chat about, but I thought I would just start with a little "welcome!"

Why did I start the 1,893,689th fitness/health/mom blog? Many reasons, but one important one is to tap into my love for injury prevention and health education. Ten years of postsecondary education, and nine years in clinical practice as an athletic therapist and an osteopathic manual practitioner, have taught me a few good things. And my favourite part of working with my patients is educating them. Whether it be teaching them new exercises to address postural imbalances or simple pain management strategies, I LOVE to see them better understand their body, and ultimately take charge of it. Own it.

Also it seems like every other friend or family member of mine is pregnant these days (yay! hi!), and I seem to be answering a lot of their health related questions - about midwifery, natural births, pre and postnatal exercise, various aches and pains during and after pregnancy, etc. Questions and answers that are worth sharing!

I also have a sporty background, having been involved in sport my whole life (skiing, swimming, running, triathlon, rugby…). Rarely has this been really competitive sport, but more sport to stay fit, and strong, and healthy. And happy. Activity keeps my sanity sane. Whether it's a little gardening or a 3 km swim. I neeeeeed it.

When I got pregnant, I just kept going. I didn't really let up for nine (really ten, right?) months. I had a great pregnancy and a pretty awesome natural birth experience. And I attribute much of my experience, pre and postnatal, to the physical health that I strive for.

Okay, so if you don't know me, you might be thinking that I'm an exercise crazed Jillian Michaels hot mumma. Not. At. All. I do what I need to do to feel good about myself, and to keep healthy, strong and injury free. But like most new mummas, I struggle to get it all in, let alone find the time for me. For my health - body and brain. We often forget that as mummas, our good health and wellbeing is crucial for the health and wellbeing of our wee ones, and our family as a whole. But it so easily gets pushed to the bottom of the daily priority list.

And so, this blog is a way for me to share my trials and tribulations of trying to stay healthy, along this crazy new journey that is motherhood - what has and has not worked for me. It will also be a place where I can share current research, my clinical knowledge and practical experiences with you in a straight forward kinda way. Hopefully, all in the name of better health for all of us.

So what can you expect, dear mumma?

I hope to touch on a good variety of topics, such as:

Preventing injuries (ugh, low back pain!) and taking care of your prenatal bod.

Preventing postnatal injuries (ugh, breastfeeding back!), and getting back to your prenatal awesomeness.

Tid bits, research and advice that are helpful, related to:



postpartum care,

pre and postnatal exercise,

weight loss, ergonomics and posture.

Generally, I hope to share my thoughts and ideas with mummas seeking a similar state of healthiness that I try to keep up. And since I've been down the pregnancy path once already, I hope to share lots of great info, advice and thoughts on staying healthy through those long ten months.

I hope you get something out of this little blog. As I have never done this before, it will be a bit of a learning process. I hope that you actively participate here (drop me a line!), because this is for you. Health seeking. Hot. Mumma.