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Shauna has been treating Ottawa mummas and mummas-to-be (and everyone else!) for almost fifteen years. She is an original practitioner at Ottawa Osteopathy and Sports Therapy, nearing on eleven years of practice here.

In addition to being an osteopathic manual practitioner and athletic therapist, she is also a Running Specialist, Functional Movement Screen certified, a Sports First Responder. She has worked with national, provincial and collegiate level athletes, from trampolinists to rugby players. Although she is passionate about working with pre and postnatal women, her daily practice sees patients from all stages of life.


There are three ways to see Shauna for a consultation and treatment (osteopathic manual therapy and/or athletic therapy):

1. In clinic at Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment: 613-521-3222.

2. In-house consultation. For newly postpartum mummas (0-2 months postpartum), Shauna is available for in-house consultations in central Ottawa, please get in touch using the form below or email: shauna@healthymumma.com

3. Video/Skype - please get in touch using the form below or email: shauna@healthymumma.com



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