Be warned, I am home from work sick and cranky. And ranting. I usually love winter. I am a winter baby. I've always loved the snow, the slopes, the skating, even shovelling.

But I've had enough.

It's the end of February and I lonnnng for a sign of spring. Any sign. Like weather in single digits. Melting snow dripping from the roofs. The smell of thawing dog poop (this one always screams SPRING!). Do you hear me weather creators? I am sick of your polar vortex. I am sick of revolving illnesses, of snowsuits and heavy winter coats. I am sick of figuring out how to get into the car that is covered in ice and snow with a toddler that weighs 100 lbs with all of his winter gear on. I am sick of walking down slippery sidewalks like a geisha, looking at nothing but where my feet can safely fall next. I am sick trying to battle snowbanks with the stroller. I am just sick of this winter.

This was November 27th. And today (three months later) it looks pretty much the same. Snowy and -23C with the windchill. They just reopened the Rideau Canal for more skating fun. Yay.

We are a four season climate. That means that each season should technically be allowed to last for three months.

That's it! Your time is up winter! Be gone.

I want this.