My calendar says it's September 2. That would mean that yesterday was the (unofficial) start of fall…?! Where the heck did summer go? I am not sure that I'm ready for cool weather and short days. Oh, the short days! Bahhummbug.

I (un?)intentionally put my computer down for the summer (well, maybe just HM). The very last place I wanted to be was at my computer, inside. The outdoors called my name every sunny second! I was like Julie Andrews running the Austrian hills happy. After our shitty winter, my body required every ounce of sun it could get. It was a wonderful summer - cottages, lakes, pools, popsicles and parks. We biked, we swam, we boated, we played a completely awkward game of cards (Against Humanity) with my in-laws.

Some of us ate watermelon on hot days in the buff. I gardened (my thumb has gone from black to brown I'd say - not quite green!). I swam my first 3k open water race (yay!). I drank sangria in the park. I learnt a lot about trucks.

I tried to ignore the rainy days as best I could. And the sunny days when I was at work, inside.

I feel a little uneasy about the fall though. I usually love this time of year, but the days already seem SO much shorter, and for the first time ever I am already dreading those dark mornings and early sunsets that come with late fall and winter. I am already thinking about ways to keep busy as  family once the snow flies (get B on skis!) - hopefully avoiding the winter blahhhhhhhs. I'm just so scarred from last winter's polar vortices - anyone else? I think I better start stockpiling the vitamin D now.

But enough about winter, right? It is 30 degrees out there right now(!!!). Hopefully September is glorious and treats us to many days of warm weather and sunshine - so far, so good!

September is the time to get back to routine. I might be more active over the summer months, but most of that activity is irregular - I swim when I'm at a cottage, run when it's not too hot outside. It's unscheduled, weather dependant, lower intensity, and when I'm not on the move there is usually a beer in hand, feet up. Right? I know I look forward to more consistent exercise. Back to the pool tomorrow morning. Here's my fall fitness plan:

M - Swim T - Run W - Swim Th - Run + FitMom (strength class) F - Swim + CORE S - off S - Run or Hot Yoga

My fall exercise goals are:

1. Swim 3X/week (7-9 km/week).

2. Run 2-3x/week (I haven't really gotten back into running since B was born, but now's the time!).

So welcome, fall. Please be glorious.

ps Hope everyone's back-to-school went off without a hitch! Were there tears of joy or sadness at seeing your little ones head off to school?