Summer officially arrived a little over a week ago (okay, so technically it's midsummer, but let us not think about what that really means). Spring flew by as it usually does, leaving behind only vague recollections of the nasty winter of 2013/14. Eww. True to form, we've been summering all week at the cottage with pretty fantastical weather. Lucky, we are.

I posted my spring bucket list way back when the ground was still white - it was the end of March. That was a heck of a long time ago, but here's where I'm at (and where I'm going - at least fitness wise):

1.  Plan a weekend get-away with my man. It happened. Cozy country inn + storm/power outage + delicious food (once the power was restored) + sleeping in - a much needed (and deserved) night away with my man friend. We need to do this again. These little get aways, however short (even a daytime date), are SO necessary for us.  My advice if you are pregnant: screw swaddlers and spit up bibs, I seriously suggest adding restaurant, babysitting and weekend get away gift certificates to your baby registry. It can't be all about baby.

2.  Get a pedi (or two or three) &  3. Get a hair cut. My grooming is none of your concern.

My spring fitness goals were:

4.  Do hot yoga once a week. I bought a 20 class card (good start) and was going to my favourite hot yoga studio weekly for a while, until the weather turned really nice and my frequency dwindled (happily replaced with gardening and playing outside). The great thing is that the card never expires, so I'll do the odd class over the summer, but I likely won't get back to a weekly rate until the fall. I am however, getting to a weekly FitMom class.

5.  Swim three times a week. I've been pretty consistent with my regular swims. Yay.

6.  Get back to running (+ signup for a fall race). This hasn't happened, other than the occasional run I wouldn't say I'm back at it. At all. I just love swimming too darn much! I usually prefer short distance sets, but I stepped outside my comfort zone and signed up for this:

Yikes! I've never done an open water race, other than in a triathlon, but those are short. My goal is to have fun and finish well.

My random goals were:

7.  Sell my road bike. It happened. And I almost cried.

8.Buy a "mom" bike equipped with kiddy seat. I actually reclaimed my old bike that my husband was using for his 10 minute commute to work. He bought a new one to better suit his 6'5" frame. B seems to enjoy his new ride. We went with a rear seat (vs. front) because he is so tall, and I didn't love the idea of having to reach around him to maneuver the bike. I found this to be a great site for comparing all things kids and bikes (balance bikes, seats, trailers, etc).

9.  Buy a power saw (because every woman should have a power saw, right?). 10. Build a raised veggie garden (buy saw first) + plant veggies.11. Don't kill veggies. #9-11 didn't happen. Turns out there just isn't enough sun in our shady backyard to keep veggies going strong. But I did pot some red kale and heirloom tomatoes in a smaller planter (that I did not make with a power saw - sadness) that can sit in the small bit of full sun that we have. I think I just wanted a power saw. And a reason to use it. Now I need a new reason.

That's that. As for this summer, I'll be soaking up the sunny summer weather as much as I can, with my favourite people. One of these people is chatting so much these days! We are going through a word explosion and it is SO FUN to hear. Seventeen months happened last week, and it is a great time.

Hope your summer is off to a wonderful start! And Happy Canada Day (tomorrow) to my fellow Canucks!