I sincerely hope that you slept until 10am, sipped a latté in bed while you enjoyed the fresh spring flowers on your bedside table and the sweetest homemade card, made by yours truly. Right? Rrrrright.

This, my second Mother's Day, has me thinking about more than sleeping in (couldn't even if I tried), breakfast in bed (who really likes that anyways?), or using the loo without an audience (overrated).

I am thinking about how fortunate I am to be healthy, and to have a healthy family. I am thinking about the farmer's markets that are opening, and with them the abundance of fresh, mouth watering summer produce. I am thinking about my (slowly greening) backyard that I intend to enjoy every sunny evening this summer. I am thinking about my goals, my marriage, my family, my friends. I am thinking about how lucky I am that I can think of these wonderful things without worry. With all the shit that goes on in this world, I am so grateful that my little, immediate world contains none of that. So, so grateful.

Of course, thinking of this lovely, healthy life we lead makes me think of fellow mummas who don't live such healthy or happy lives. Of mummas all over the world who are less healthy, because of poverty, lack of resources, or just plain unluckiness.

Maybe we should all reach out to a less fortunate mumma this week. Consider donating that bag of gently used baby gear that you were planning on selling to the upscale neighbourhood consignment shop, or maybe a donation to support maternal health on another continent. Or maybe you know a mumma who could use a friendly chat - go for coffee with her.

Not feeling so healthy yourself these days? Why not set a health related goal for yourself this Mother's Day. Write it down, post it around the house for all to see, find a friend who will support you every step of the way, and set time in your weekly schedule to achieve your goal. Give yourself the gift that you really need: time. Even 15 minutes of uninterrupted You time.

What ever suits you this Mother's Day, I hope it is full of love with your little ones. They are so lucky to have you!