Okay, so to look out the window it doesn't look particularly different than it has all winter long, but it is officially spring as of last week. This change in the calendar alone has lightened my moods. Lifted my spirits! Given me hope! (Even if we had to shovel loads of snow this past weekend). I've said before how much I typically love winter. But this winter - what was with this winter? I don't know if it was the very wintery winter weather we've had, and the countless days stuck inside due to a -20 reading on the thermostat, but I struggled this winter. I struggled to get to the pool for my morning swims - I just wanted to sssssleep. I struggled to get other physical activity in. I struggled to eat well. I struggled with feeling moody and tired. I struggled to just feel myself some days.

I am SO thankful for my good health, and that of my family. But when you just feel out of sorts, you don't feel yourself, it gets to you. It weighs on you. Is it the lack of sunshine? Is it out-of-whack hormones from breastfeeding and starting to wean? Is it the lack of physical activity? The not-so-great eating habits? The lack of socializing? Maybe it is all of these things. Or none at all.

I am also so thankful that B has been by my side all winter long. Although I do think much of my mood has been related to the baby-hormones and breastfeeding, I can't imagine what winter would have been like without his constant snuggles, slobbery kisses and giggles. He has been my little ray of sunshine on those dark, cold winter days. Sounds so cheesy, but it is so true. Just seeing his chubby little face is enough to lift my spirits.

Even though we are still a ways away from flip flops and tank tops, just knowing that this winter weather is so close to being over is enough. It's time to crawl from our dens, open the windows, get dirty in the garden, wash the winter muck away, and play outside every day.

Okay, so maybe not today (it is -15 out there), but soon! In the mean time, I will keep (foolishly) dreaming about these things.

Here's my spring bucket list:

  1. Plan a weekend get-away with my man.
  2. Get a pedi (or two or three).
  3. Get a hair cut.
  4. Do hot yoga once a week.
  5. Swim three times a week.
  6. Get back to running (+ signup for a fall race).
  7. Sell my road bike.
  8. Buy a "mom" bike equipped with kiddy seat.
  9. Buy a power saw (I've always secretly wanted one of these - it's time. Any suggestions?).
  10. Build a raised veggie garden (buy saw first) + plant veggies.
  11. Don't kill veggies.

C'mon spring. Do your thing.