Here are some great gift ideas for the healthy mumma or mumma-to-be on your list this year. Okay, so some of these might just be on my list this year.

1   Smoothies are a great way to fuel up while getting in all sorts of healthy goodies. They are great for expectant mummas who may be having a hard time keeping food down or have little room for a heavy meal. They are excellent for ravenous breastfeeding mummas - sip away while your babe nurses. They are also great for any mumma on the go who finds it hard to sit down to a real meal. A good blender is necessary!

2   The Inov-8 Roclite 243 are my favourite winter runner. They are designed for trail running, but they provide great traction control for running through the snow and muck, without being bulky and heavy.

3   If you haven't tried foam rolling yet, put a roller on your list (some come with a DVD to show you how). They are great for rolling out tight muscles, but there are also lots of core strengthening exercises you can do with them (a good post topic for another day!).

4   A tank top that supports it all while not being too fitted around the belly, and has a drawstring waist for those downward dog moments - perfect!

5 & 6   Have you discovered Matter? They make the most amazing body products. And they're a Canadian company. Their heat rub is perfect for soothing sore, achy muscles, and their face cream with SPF 50 is really lovely. They also have a line of baby products (ps their baby sun lotion is the best).

7   This sports bra for nursing mummas provides great support for breastfeeding boobs. I didn't think I need a nursing sports bra combo until I tried to nurse B right after a postnatal exercise class…hotstickymess. Poor kid. Sports bras are hard enough to get on and off when dry, try peeling a sweaty one back to expose just one boob. Good luck. That and the tight band now squeezing your full boob makes a fire hose look like a gentle mist. They aren't cheap, but well worth every penny if you ask me.

8   A massage. Yes, a massage will help soothe tight, tired mumma muscles, but to have an hour (or two!!) alone, sans bébé is bliss in of itself. ** Bonus points for the gift giver who adds a pedicure to this number!

9   I am bit of a purist when it comes to running, usually opting to listen to the birds, but some days I do need a little Gaga to push me along. At 12.5g an iPod Shuffle is perfectly lightweight for carrying tunes.

10   What mumma doesn't love the gift of free time to take care of herself - let her escape for a run, a massage, a trip to the gym…or a nap! You can download a free Babysitting Gift Card or make a pretty one yourself.  Bundle this up with #8 and you're a saint!

Happy holiday shopping! Think healthy!


ps This is not a sponsored post, just great things that I love. Or want.